Top 5 Innovative Web Services in 2013

Web services are indeed a huge part of anyone’s daily life whether they are freelancers, business owners, professionals and students. However, these web services or apps are usually taken for granted by some people, so it makes perfect to pay tribute to a few of the most reputable services in 2013.

With raw capability and ease of use that these web services offer, you can maximize your productivity at work and keep your files secured at all times.


The following are 5 of the most innovative web services in 2013 including some key features about each.


1. Buffer

This fantastic web service provides not only a time saving way to spread the word about your business, but it also gives you an opportunity to share content via social networking sites. Moreover, Buffer enables you to schedule various social media updates efficiently, as it comes with a unique algorithm that determines the right time to schedule these updates. Thus, you can avoid overwhelming or confusing your followers along the way.


2. Dropbox

While USB thumb drives come with a massive memory space to store your files, it is possible for you to lose or misplace these once in a while. With this in mind, you need an excellent place to store your important files without the risk of losing every single data in it. Dropbox offers just what you need to attain this goal, and you can have a quick access to your files whenever and wherever (as long as there’s internet access in the area). What’s more, you can sync all of your files in folders on your PC or Mac, which makes it an indispensable web service for anyone.


3. ThisLife

Make every minute in your life count by creating a timeline of special moments that come your way. ThisLife lets you do just that whether you choose to save your photos, notes, videos, and other content. You can also look for a specific file easily because everything that’s stored in this web service is kept organized. Lastly, it is easy to create an account, although you should be careful about securing your account’s privacy (just like with any type of web service). 


4. Trello

Keeping every aspect of your business or personal schedule in order can be challenging. However, with the help of a web service application such as Trello, you can manage your tasks and stop stressing out about your busy schedule. By using special cards, it is hassle-free to monitor your schedules and to-do lists. And the greatest benefit of this product – everything about Trello is free of charge!


5. HootSuite

Another brilliant web service that is on everybody’s top 5 list is HootSuite. This is certainly one robust service for social media management purposes because it comes with remarkable features such as auto-schedule of updates, managing social network platforms, and several others. You can stop stressing out from managing your social media campaigns because HootSuite backs you up in this task.


Check out these top 5 innovative web services in 2013, and choose the best one that suits your specific needs.

The Top 5 Government And Politics Websites In 2013

When it comes to government, politics, and news media in general, you have to turn to the right source, in order to get accurate information.

No matter which of these sources you choose to visit, these are the top 5 government and politics websites in 2013, which are going to provide accurate, relevant, and up to date information, when you are looking for it. 


1. Huffington Post –

You likely know this site for every and anything, as it covers quite a few topics. From issues with same sex marriage, Prop 8, the latest legislation, trials, supreme court rulings, and any news or information that comes in, is posted on the site. It has been a popular site for some time, and is quite possibly one of the most well known blogs online, not only for politics, but for coverage on a broad subject base as well. (


2. Politico –

At this site, you will find all news across the US and worldwide. If you want to find out who the latest candidates are in a political campaign, what’s going on in the white house, what legislation the president is ready to pass, or any other relevant news, you can find it on this site. From elections to votes in congress, new rulings and legislation, its all here. (


3. Salon –

When you want to find out the latest news about Bank of America whistleblowers, who is on the jury for the top case in FL, or what GOP lawmakers are arguing about today, you can find it on this site. In addition to politics, it covers sports, entertainment, life, and an array of additional topics you can read up on. (


4. The Blaze –

This site is a great one if you want to read up on the latest news and headlines, from an unbiased source. A number of political, government based sites have stories published by a political party; here, you get a taste of both sides, as well as independent parties, when you want to find out what is going on in the world, and what news is happening, as it unfolds. (


5. The Washington Times –

An oldie, but still one of the most relevant sites on the web for politics and government news. Top reporters and analysts, breaking news as it comes in, and news on any and every subject that happens and is relevant to you, this site has it all for those who want timely, easy to find, and up to date news reports. (

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with children in a pre-kindergarten classroom at College Heights early childhood learning center in Decatur


If you need news now, you have to visit the sites that post the latest stories, as they happen. Depending on which political spectrum you sit on, which party you associate with, and which angle you want to take on the news, each of these, and any other news sites will have their share of stories to choose from. These are the top 5 government and politics websites in 2013, which are going to provide relevant news, and provide the latest information when you want your news now.

The top 5 sports websites in 2013

For sports fans and enthusiasts alike, if you want to find out the score for the game you missed, or find the latest standings, rumors, trades, or any other news in sports, you have to visit the right sites to get accurate information.

Many sites do not research before they report, so visit these top 5 sports websites in 2013, in order to ensure the information you glean is correct, and up to date, when you want to be in the know, and know exactly what is going on with your favorite teams.


1. ESPN –

Not only are they the worldwide leader in sports, the site is also the most visited for information. From news, scores, updates, and trade rumors, you can find it all. And, when you visit the site, you know it is accurate, as the top analysts and reporters work for the site. Whether it is the Superbowl or the NBA finals, you can find it all here (


2. Bleacher Report –

The site provides critical updates, lists, top player rumors, trades, and anything you want to know about sports. No matter what the sport, you can find an expert writer on the subject at this site. You are also getting information from unbiased reporters, as they are analysts, not writers for a specific city. It is a rather new site, but the information is good, it is accurate, and it is up to date (


3. CBS Sports –

Here you are also getting your information from some of the top announcers, analysts, and reporters in the sport. Since the CBS network covers a majority of the big championships, in several sports, the information comes in up to the minute. From the Derby results, to World Cup Soccer, the site is reliable, updated regularly, and written by top sports broadcasters, analysts, and journalists (


4. SI –

Sports Illustrated is not only known for the magazine, but also for online news and updates. As reporters are on the scene, to get the latest coverage and information, the site is updated regularly. Daily news and updates, simple to read information, and a well laid out site are all features you are going to enjoy when you turn to this leader for your sports news (


5. Sky Sports –

If you like foreign sports, overseas leagues, European cup football, cycling, and some of the lesser covered sports on the bigger sites, you are definitely going to enjoy Sky Sports. It is a well laid out site, provides coverage from around the world, and reports on all teams. With up to date news, you can find what you are looking for at sky. (


From rugby or tennis, to the NBA finals, if you want sports, these are the top 5 sports websites in 2013. Some more popular than others, but for fans that love all sports, and want the latest reporting in every sector, these are some of the sites you should frequent for your news and for the latest information you want to receive.

The top 5 shopping websites in 2013

When it comes to shopping online, it is no longer just electronics or pricey items that consumers are looking for. Today, you can find nearly anything online; whether it is a pair of sneakers, the latest purse or handbag, or the latest laptop to hit the market, you can find it online.

These are the top 5 shopping websites in 2013 to check out, when shopping for quality products, unique designs, and your favorite new look.


1. The Powerhouse –

When it comes to e luxury, this is one of the original sites to visit. Valentino, Calvin Klein, Preen Tyler, and the brands you want to own, can all be found on the site. The site is laid out in a simple to follow manner, has links to all the top brands and styles, and provides you with “suggestions”, based on future purchases or searches on the site. (


2. The Indie –

If you love your own independent style, you will love browsing the site for new, original fashions, as much as you will love adding items to your shopping cart. If you love supporting the little guy, want original styles and looks, and want your own unique trends, this is a site to try out. (


3. Brands you love –

If you want the latest trends, this site provides over 600 top name brands for you to choose from. No matter what article of clothing or style you want to find, you can find it here. Exclusive items and designs are also part of the special features the site offers, when you want a distinct look, and with a number of in house classic designs, you can find great deals on certain items as well. (


4. The Members Only –

If you love personalized style, you are bound to love this style. You have to be a member (as the name states) and log in to shop. The site has the latest shoes, bags, jewelry, and fine lines, based on past purchases, and searches, which allows you to create a style all your own. If you want your own personal shopping center, and exclusivity, this is one to check out. (


5. Artisan Shoppers –

If you love unique styles, one of a kind collabs, this LA based site has just what you are searching for. Talented designers and creators have come together to bring you the unique collabs you can’t find elsewhere, and the posh look you won’t find in stores. There are items for women, men, and a number of gender neutral pieces, to provide depth and creative styles to your wardrobe. (


top shopping www websites

You know the everyday sites for deals like amazon or, but these are some of the off the grid sites that you should check out as well. You can find amazing deals on top name brand designers, a unique style, creative designs, and a fashion all your own, when you visit one, or all of these sites, which are featured on this top 5 shopping websites in 2013 you should visit.

Top 5 Internet Websites in 2013

More and more people are becoming frequent internet users and visit various sites each day as they browse into the things they love doing online, whether it is for pleasure or work.

The increase in number can be greatly attributed to the ease of access to the internet offered by the various mobile devices and the increasing number of entrepreneurs who turn into online businesses as another source of revenue. With this deluge of internet users, have you ever wondered which websites are the most popular?

To give you an idea, here are the internet websites that were included in the top 5 based on their popularity for this year 2013. 

Infographic Elements and Communication Concept

1) Google –

Google has been dominating the internet scene for several years now that it is not a surprise that it leads the pack. “Just Google it.” this is a phrase that you normally hear people say when they want to know something. True enough, Google is best known for its search engine that provides users with relevant sites where they could get the information they need. Not only that, Google is like a hub that offers various features. It has Google Maps, which is very useful for those who needs directions to a specific place, and it is even connected to YouTube now. Online businesses also love Google because of its advertising programs that really bring the traffic to their websites, thus making their businesses successful.

2) Facebook -

You have seen various social media sites that have sprouted through the years and eventually faded. Facebook, however, seems like a formidable fortress to beat. As of January this year, Facebook has an estimated 1.06 billion active users each month. Its popularity can be attributed to the many features the site offers. Aside from sharing photos and connecting with friends, there are also online games that would help you meet new friends, and there is an option to create pages and advertise, which are very useful for businesses too.

3) Yahoo –

Yahoo’s search engine may not be as popular as Google’s, but it still gets its fair share of users. In addition, Yahoo Mail is still the most used free email service in the web. Other features that bring internet users to Yahoo are the Messenger, News, and Yahoo Answers. Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr and Flickr has also boosted its number of users.


4) YouTube-

There are endless reasons why YouTube is very popular. First, it gives users the chance to share their own videos, whether it is a cover of their favorite song or a local scene that they were able to shoot. Every time anyone records something newsworthy, the first place he or she shares it to is on YouTube. Second, this is where users stream new music videos or performances. If you are a fan of a certain singer, just type in her or his name and you will have a long list of videos to watch for your eyes’ delight. Third, it helps online business in their marketing. Video marketing has proven to be effective on winning buyers, especially if they include positive reviews. Because of these, even with the emergence of new video sites, YouTube is expected to dominate this area.


5) Wikipedia –

This online encyclopedia is everybody’s best friend whenever they are researching for information from the web. Students especially have so much use of this site to help them with their researches. Anytime you want to know something about a place, an event, or anything that sparks your interest, Wikipedia has the adequate information to fill your curiosity.



Top 5 Religion Websites in 2013

When it comes to religion, there are a number of diverse beliefs, meaning the internet has become a common ground to share these beliefs. Although religious sites were not popular early on, today you can find pretty much anything online. If you want to find out about a specific religion, news in church, or any other information with religion, these are the top 5 religion websites in 2013 to check out.


1. Religion Facts –

Regardless of your belief system, the site is set up to give you information about it. Christianity to Confucianism, Islam to Taoism, you can find out what you want to learn about these religious sectors. The site also provides different charts, stories, and information about any religion (A-Z) that the reader wants to find out about (

2. All About Religion –

Another site to find out about the diversity in religion, why there are so many forms, what religion you should believe in, and so forth, is All About Religion. You will not only find out about the many religions that people around the world believe in, but you can also have the text translated to popular languages including Portuguese, Islam, and several others. The site not only has text, but provides video links you can watch as well (


3. Religion Today –

This site is a Christian based site, and provides the latest in news and hot topic issues that are trending in the church. Some recent topics of debate include homosexuality (same sex marriage), rights, abortion, and other issues; it also discusses world news, including the supreme court rulings, international groups and sectors, and any other world news that is trending (


4. Religion Online –

If it has to do with religion, theology, the bible, social issues, history of religions, the churches, and any other news or information, you can find it on this site. It provides in depth information about a variety of issues and topics, and the site is laid out by sub headings, allowing you to find the issue or debate you want to read about, and sub topics under each main heading, so you can branch out if you choose to (


5. Religion & Politics –

This site takes an outside look at religion, by drawing in on politics as well. It showcases the debate between the church, belief systems, political systems, and trending topics in the news today. The site provides recent news and issues which have happened in the US, as well as worldwide, taking a focus on Christianity and the Catholic churches, but also delves in to other forms of religious belief as well (


Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on, with any religious or political belief, you can find out about it on these sites. Many opinion based pieces, due to the fact that they come from specific sectors, but if you are simply looking to research on a specific religious form, you can also do so on a majority of these sites about religion and trends today.


Additional References:

World Religions Astonishing Facts

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The top 5 blogs and site builders websites in 2013

When it comes to building your own site or blog, some, if not all people are going to need some help. If you are going to do it on your own, or plan on hiring a site developer at a later date, these are the top 5 blogs and site builders websites in 2013 you can turn to now, to help you get your site up and running, in no time at all. No matter what your site is about, or what blog topics you have in mind, these are a few great sites to turn to, when getting started.


1. Wix –

Over 100 template designs, a free Wix domain, unlimited languages for your site or blog, and great widgets to help you build the site; you get all of this for free. When you want to develop something unique, and want a site that is easy to use, and simple to develop, you can start here (


2. Webs –

At this site, you are not only going to have a variety of templates to choose from, over 300, you also have a free custom domain, and if you plan on selling on your site, it is e commerce ready. From forums, to new blogs, site design and development, you can build it all with Webs, and with a number of great features to choose from, you can fully customize your site or blog (


3. Weebly –

If you love simplicity, then you are going to love the drag and drop builder that you get with Weebly. You have over 100 templates to choose from when developing your own site or blog, form builders so you do not have to do any of the work yourself, and blogging tools to truly make your site one of a kind, this developer is easy to use, and you can easily create any content page (


4. Hub –

Over 500 templates for you to use when creating your site, give you full customization freedom, and allow you to create something truly unique in comparison to your competitors online. E commerce support, unlimited space, unlimited traffic, a free domain name, are all features you get when you turn this site developer to get started. (


5. Web –

You can sign up for free with this site; you get over 1900 templates to choose from, unlimited space, you have free email accounts, adwords and Facebook credits, and you can design your own site or blog in a matter of minutes. Easy to use features, and creative freedom are great benefits when you choose Web as your site developer. (


When you want to create a new site or blog, but aren’t looking to hire a company, these are great sources for you to do it yourself. Easy to use, fully functional, easy to develop, great features, and free registration and use (with most of these sites), are all benefits you will receive when you choose any of these top 5 blogs and site builders websites in 2013 when you start to build your site or blog.

Top 5 Arts Websites in 2013

The web is a bewildering place to hunt for art. The evolution of internet has provided an opportunity to artists for exposure to arts that was once primarily the domain of those fortunate enough to have gallery representations. Today, whether an artist is novice or professional, he/she can use websites as a medium to display their works and study the art works of other artists.

Here, we have compiled the list of top 5 arts websites in 2013 where one can display and sell their art works, and get information on latest art development. These websites have been picked up on the basis of three standards- quality, taste and popularity.

DeviantART- where art blends with application
DeviantART is the largest art website on internet where any artist can exhibit and discuss art works. Each hour, thousands of works are submitted to DeviantART. One can find tremendous talent and creativity on display. Genres are vast, and include everything from traditional art to digital art, from photography to filmmaking, and from cartoons to flash animations. With 26 million registered users, DeviantART is a huge social network that comprises of artists from 190 countries. The website displays more art work than any other art website.

Want to stay updated with what’s going on in the world of arts…. Visit ARTINFO. ARTINFO is a premium site for latest updated news about art and culture all across the world. The website gives information about the upcoming or past events, museums and galleries, auction reviews and even jobs. This cultural hub features art and auction, modern painters, culture and travel, my art info and art sales index. The latest news in the art media has made the website quite popular.

Also known as the “Youtube of the arts”, ArtBabble is a new kind of video site dedicated to art and artists. It is created by Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2009. You can browse through high definition videos that feature content ranging from contemporary to classical. Although ArtBabble has become four years old, it remains among the most popular art video service even today. The most unusual feature of this site is the ‘notes’ that accompany each video. These notes offer links to the related material on the Web.

Artpickle is a very good online community for artists. Here, members get their own web page with domain name. The artist or member can display their own photos of art. Artists can remain up to date with the upcoming art shows, festivals and other cultural events. They can even advertise their own. Artpickle does not allow to sell your art work directly through the website. However, Artpickle is highly recommended just for the contacts you will receive.

Art.Net is a web based collection of artists, poets, musicians, animators, sculptors and other creative people from all over the world. It is a one stop destination for all the artists to share their work on Internet. It allows the artist to list and sell art work, and converse directly with art buyers and sellers.